Gratitude improves emotional health. This we know. It also boosts physical vitality, relationship quality, career success, and more. Studies show that the benefits of daily gratitude increase over time. So why not start today?


This Little Black Book of Gratitude is your starting point. Create that daily ritual as part of your self care routine, and experience those exponential benefits in all areas of life.


Don’t keep this power to yourself! Gift to a friend, or better yet, gather a group to commit to daily gratitude. Personal growth is even better with friends. 


And so it is. 

Little Black Book (of Gratitude)

    • Cover Material: Black leather  w/ gold foil text 
    • Acid-free, ink proof paper
    • 100 Pages
    • Gold foil page trim
    • Size:  4-⅛” x 5-⅞”