Start with a simple I AM. I am enough. I am calm and at peace with myself. I am a magnet for all I desire. 


Experiment with bolder statements. Try your hand at poetry. Write down your dreams. There’s no wrong way to create your Affirmations. Just start from a space of Love and allow the inspiration to flow. 


Read through your Little Black Book of Affirmations each day. As you witness your own words, as you speak them out loud, you notice a subtle shift in your mindset. You stand taller, you feel more confident. And you truly become a magnet for your ultimate dreams. 


And so it is. 

Little Black Book (of Affirmations)

    • Cover Material: Black leather  w/ gold foil text 
    • Acid-free, ink proof paper
    • 100 Pages
    • Gold foil page trim
    • Size:  4-⅛” x 5-⅞”